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Саундтреки - Across the Universe (Deluxe Edition) (2007)
Across the Universe (Deluxe Edition)

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Preview01 Jim Sturgess - Girl.mp31 512 КБ1:04192K
Preview02 Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Lisa Hogg - Hold Me Tight.mp33 665 КБ2:36192K
Preview03 Jim Sturgess - All My Loving.mp33 460 КБ2:27192K
Preview04 T.V. Carpio - I Want to Hold Your Hand.mp33 928 КБ2:47192K
Preview05 Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess & Dorm Buddies - With a Little Help from My Friends.mp34 531 КБ3:13192K
Preview06 Evan Rachel Wood - It Won't Be Long.mp33 239 КБ2:18192K
Preview07 Jim Sturgess - I've Just Seen a Face.mp32 584 КБ1:50192K
Preview08 Carol Woods and Timothy T. Mitchum - Let It Be.mp35 360 КБ3:48192K
Preview09 Joe Cocker and Ensemble - Come Together.mp36 251 КБ4:26192K
Preview10 Dana Fuchs - Why Don't We Do It in the Road..mp31 948 КБ1:22192K
Preview11 Evan Rachel Wood - If I Fell.mp33 765 КБ2:40192K
Preview12 Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, T.V. Carpio and Ensemble - I Want You (She's So Heavy).mp35 262 КБ3:44192K
Preview13 Dana Fuchs, Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson and T.V. Carpio - Dear Prudence.mp37 474 КБ5:18192K
Preview14 The Secret Machines - Flying.mp35 555 КБ3:56192K
Preview15 The Secret Machines - Blue Jay Way.mp36 614 КБ4:42192K
15 файлов65 140 КБ46:17 
Preview01 Bono and Secret Machines - I Am the Walrus.mp36 739 КБ4:47192K
Preview02 Eddie Izzard - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.mp33 823 КБ2:42192K
Preview03 Dana Fuchs, Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, Martin Luther McCoy and T.V. Carpio - Because.mp33 573 КБ2:32192K
Preview04 Jim Sturgess - Something.mp34 275 КБ3:02192K
Preview05 Dana Fuchs and Martin Luther McCoy - Oh! Darling.mp33 516 КБ2:29192K
Preview06 Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson - Strawberry Fields Forever.mp35 127 КБ3:38192K
Preview07 Jim Sturgess - Revolution.mp33 239 КБ2:18192K
Preview08 Martin Luther McCoy - While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp35 677 КБ4:02192K
Preview09 Jim Sturgess - Across the Universe.mp34 904 КБ3:29192K
Preview10 Dana Fuchs - Helter Skelter.mp35 206 КБ3:42192K
Preview11 Joe Anderson and Salma Hayek - Happiness Is a Warm Gun.mp34 468 КБ3:10192K
Preview12 Evan Rachel Wood - Blackbird.mp34 370 КБ3:06192K
Preview13 Joe Anderson - Hey Jude.mp35 912 КБ4:12192K
Preview14 Dana Fuchs - Don't Let Me Down.mp34 404 КБ3:07192K
Preview15 Dana Fuchs and Jim Sturgess - All You Need Is Love.mp34 734 КБ3:21192K
Preview16 Bono - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.mp36 185 КБ4:23192K
16 файлов76 143 КБ54:07